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blue steak temp

The chart that you included is great and describes the different types of steak perfectly. Scott Galvin OMG, are you serious?!? Think Bison but BETTER!). Very interesting read. Ok Naomi, I’ll bite (haha). My mom ALWAYS chars her steaks. Hehe, it does look like that doesn’t it Jamie. I was taught by my mum that all meat, including steak should be eaten well done to avoid infection. Certainly the chef’s I worked with when I used to work the bar in a restaurant, were a head strung, stroppy lot. Your picture is a bit over done. none of the pictures look blue to me when i have had a good blue steak (usually abroad) it is a deep purple and it melts in your mouth not chewie at all. Needless to say, I thought all red meat was hard to eat and relatively flavourless. 19 August 2010, 10:45 pm. I think I first tried blue about 2 years ago when I would have been around 23. 2 Does the Chef undestand that rare is highly overcooked? I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. Delicious! If red meat didn’t make me ill id consider trying it but think the juice would make me heave think id rather lick a cow. A 6-year old active blog on steak – amazing. 2 October 2009, 9:13 am. Great article Collin. is a beautiful cut of beef, however it lacks flavour, in my opinion. Moreover, a medium rare steak, even a thick one, when cooked properly doesn’t look like a Lyme disease rash. My humble blog about: being a property investor & landlord, fitness, health, diet (paleo / zone), CrossFit, self defence, and weightlifting. • Griddle should be quite literally smoking hot. 11 February 2012, 5:14 am. Probe at least one steak with the probe from a ChefAlarm and set the high-alarm for about 20°F (11°C) cooler than you want … It took me a little less than a year to go from rare to blue as a friend intro’d me and I had to pick up the balls to try it. It was much more delicious than I expected! sometimes cooks will ruin a well done steak just to get you to order the way they want you to next time. 22 March 2019, 3:14 am. What a blog and what a post, you have united worldwide beef zealots! I have been to a few restaurants and asked for blue. Colin McNulty How hot? Frazer, you’re wrong and Arceus, you’ve completely missed the point. But cooking times can vary based on the type, thickness and size of the steak. Graham corrected me a few days ago on 6/5/11 when I said; I had TarTar sliced very thin. ever since then i’ve worked my way down to rare until last week when after i finished my rare steak, i left the restraunt and noticed a poster on the wall showing different styles of cooked steak from cremated to blue. P.S I have a nice 2 inch thick fillet ready to be cooked Saturday ( late birthday treat ) and going to break with tradition and try a few suggestions that has been posted here. Blue is just barely cooked on the outside and that’s it. it bewilders me. Thick fillet steak, aged a week or more in the fridge and brought to room temperature (not “if possible” – do it!) Some have been disappointing, some have been wonderful. Blue should only be souched on the grill untill the coutide is seared, not cooked a few mm’s through and no dark brown at all. I, personally, and in favour of blue to rare steaks. When I asked my lad how he prepares a blue steak he said that it is placed on a rack above a lowish heat until warmed through, then it is sealed in a pan on a high heat, this way the meat is not cold to the taste and retains all the flavours that a blue steak should have – I have to be honest and have never ever heard of a blue steak being prepared in an oven. It just takes a few minutes in any food processor. Great info, did one last night in our pbu for a customer, but why I chewed my nails while they ate I don’t know. Found this site looking for pictures of how steaks should be cooked. Rare steaks will measure out to have a temperature … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here’s What To Serve With Pulled Pork For A Tasty Meal. I’m interested too in how he was taught to cook (blue) steak and venison? 1 Does theChef understand Bleu? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS THINK THAT WELL DONE IS ‘A waste of a good steak.’ You guys haven’t gotten it cooked by a good restaurant. Salt and pepper your steaks. I almost always grill mine on a gas BBQ that is heated as high as it will go. How’s the inside, warm or cold? Get the best bit of steak you can: go for fillet steak if you can get it, or sirloin steak, or if you must rump steak. I recently bought a round roast I had the butcher slice into 1.5″ slabs 1lb each for $3 per pound (about 40% less than full price). I patronize them whenever I can, I don’t want to see them leaving and being replaced by some tasteless chain burger place. Very nice, although still getting my head round it!! The picture of 6 types of steak above is what i was after and the description of blue is the reason why i think that is a step too far i.e. Just for the record, I don’t believe that red meat should be excluded from any diet. 5 June 2011, 12:59 pm, > I think a “Blue Steak” might be a little too much for me, it seems it would be a little chewy. But anyway now I know what a “Blue Steak” is and will amaze my friends with my new terminology. But then, around 15, I was told I had anaemia and that if I didn’t want to take iron pills four times a day (which would have been a hassle!) Colin McNulty Was a bit of a struggle to eat!! not chewy or tough….. try it! 11 June 2011, 10:30 am, I think the thinly sliced raw deal you had would have been BEEF CARPACCIO…, Great stuff. It’s 2am here and I’ve had a few ciders so I can’t even drive to a 24hr tesco and get a mediocre bit of meat. Olive oil has a smoke point at near 200 Celcius (390 F), if you cant cook a steak at that temprature, you should not be cooking, Olive oil is still the best and will always be the best oil for this type of cooking. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan of rare steak. I usually have Ribeye at restaurants though. Just put on your steak leave 20 sec lift off place the rind on the pan. but vampires !! It’s a very familiar tale, but I too started out in the well done school. Vive la Blue-steak revolution!!! Wow, I have just eaten a large 3 week aged and hung thick rump steak fryed blue in seasoned pan with garlic mushrooms and fresh cracked coloured pepper and now after reading the comments and seeing the great photos I now want another. magnificent – spread the word. the way i was taught to do a blue steak was to let the meat come to room temperture heat a griddle pan bit of oil till it smoking 5-10 seconds each side deliscious, actually, you do NOT want to use olive oil when searing steak, the smoking point is too low and causes it to impart a foul taste to a seared steak when the heat is too hot, you want an oil with a high smoking point, well thats just ur opion i no what i like, Colin McNulty Is Your Barbecue Sauce Too Spicy? Can you cook a Venison steak “blue” and is the process the same? 28 August 2010, 5:09 pm. Some might suggest that life will kill you in the end either way and I’d rather have a belly full of steak and red wine than brown beef and a self-righteous grin on my face. Then I fill a pot with some hot water from the tap (maybe 50-60 deg C) and place the sealed bag in the water to warm for about 10 mins. Pepper and garlic it if you wish. The next night we went to a wee pub/restaraunt called The Basement just beside City Hall and the blue steak was fantastic. Does that make you sick? without over cooking the meat. Well its that time of year agian. Sadly, I don’t have steak for dinner tonight, merely some really nice spicy sausages from Tesco’s which will go nicely with mashed potatoes, swede/rutabaga & carrot and some onion gravy. I am interested in learning : Hmm, just made my mouth water then. Place your steak on the grates of your smoker, close the lid, and smoke the meat until the steaks reach your desired internal temperature (115 degrees for rare, 125 for medium rare, 135 for … Got a laugh out of me: those French. Colin McNulty But anyway, back to the point of this post: how to cook the perfect blue steak! Rob – Wales, UK – husband of a vegeterian! What I can say is that if you ask for “Rare” in any English restaurant, you won’t get a steak that looks like the Rare one in that picture! Actually I think I can tell, it’s eating a low carb diet, from the looks of that plate anyway. Wow – what a great site! You take a risk every time you wake up, every time you do anything or go anywhere, and yes, every time you eat. 4 stone! Great pics there of the top 10 Black and Blue steak restaurants in NYC. Re your rare sausage comment, I was surprised to be watching a cooking program the other day, and notice that they deliberately cooked a rare burger! What can I say to you, life’s a risk! And I agree that pepper can burn at those high temperatures. Greetings from Australia. I like the flavour of the olive oil/butter combination, and adding the butter stops the oil from burning. I buy Welsh (best beef here in the UK) sirloin from local butchers, as thick as i can. I agree the meat to sear well should be at room temprature, for how long I think depends on the room. There should be no juices, only beautifully cooked steak! Until the other week, I asked for medium well and got rare-med rare!! You know folks, for me, I want a crusty fat burned cracked peppered garlic salted exterior and warm red interior. Also I will reference you as my source of information. CoViD-19 Predictions: How Do We Get Out Of Lockdown? So that brings me to the real question. Rather the surface gave way too easily when touched with the flat of the knife and didn’t bounce back as I would have expected for a rare steak. Your palette is pretty good at determining what’s good for you and what isn’t, so it should be self evident, that if it tastes better when it’s rarer, that can’t be bad. Mammals are closed circulatory animals, meaning that in mammals the blood does not leave the vessels. Put some aluminium foil over it and let it rest for 2 minutes, turned it, let it rest for another 2 and ready to eat. Well done. My google searches brought me here and since folks are so knowledgeable, thought I’d ask the question I was looking for an answer to. Im a big fan of a correctly done blue steak. Not sure if anyone suggested this already, but I have slightly different method, which helps to warm the meat through without cooking it. Have fun with your salads. Oil a heavy very hot pan. At least if they under do it you can always ask them to give it another 30 secs. and still going 30 September 2009, 11:43 pm, u guyz i went to a steak house ordered a rare steak and i almost puked all over how do u eat that, Colin McNulty Kept on the grill just barely longer than an Extra Rare steak, Rare steak … Ever met someone you could describe as a fundamentalist vegetarian for example? “Rare please. Ta! Allegedly the incidence of infection is between 10-20% in the US and much higher in other parts of the world, with most having no symptoms, so it’s hardly a major issue anyway. Take care out there won’t you? Never looked back. – Remove and enjoy! I don’t have a photo of how I cook my steak, at hand, but check out the photos on this website, they demonstrate what a real blue rare steak looks like. Glad to hear it Matt. I’m referring to a process that does not ruin the outside of the steak but does provide enough internal heat to start/wake up the juices. I know how disappointing it is to walk away from a restaurant without eating but it’s no more disappointing than gearing yourself up for a good meal and then being served something awful and being expected to pay full price for the privilege. "Black and blue" steak is cooked briefly on a hot flame, so the outside is charred, while the inside is cool with an internal temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I cook mine pretty much the same way you do except I get thinner cuts because I am impatient! 9 November 2012, 1:27 pm. Gone are the minutes of endless chewing a hunk of leather that required copious amounts of beer to make palatable enough to wash down. Hi Jacob – not sure about the officious git part but definitely a hint of arrogance, your statement of the internal temperature of the meat is word for word taken from Wikipedia the obvious font of knowledge :p It also states that there are regional differences and above all it is an “American” reference A blue steak should not be warm on the inside. That way you get the flavor you wanted and none of the burnt oil or spices. With a rare steak you want to a little cooking on the inside but you still want it to remain as tender as it was when raw. I don’t use nearly as much salt as the TV chefs do, and to be honest, I try not to use salt on or in much of anything any more. Very hot pan sprinkled with salt. I would like to say that I love your site is so nice to see so many steak lovers and for myself I love my steak rare to medium rare…I can’t eat blue, but I have cooked it blue for many years..I have always found the best method to be a very, very hot pan rubbed with canola oil or butter, place rump or eye fillet or steak of your choice has to be a good cut of steak though, sear in hot pan for approx 1-1/2mins on each side then sear the edges, allow to rest for about 2 mins while preparing your side dishes etc…YUMMY!!! I was converted about 9 years ago, when I went to a steakhouse and ordered a meal which comprised of two 12oz steaks, and decided to try one of the steaks medium, to see what all the fuss was about. The main reason to always order rare in restaurants is they invariably over-do it but medium-rare is still paletable. I’m in Iraq right now and as I’m sure you can imagine, a good steak is nowhere to be found. – Place the steaks on a warm plate and in a warm oven for a few mins I should up my red meat intake drastically. 1 July 2007, 11:13 am. . Anyway, from here in the States, I salute you. Blue is the method of cooking before Tartare, which is completely raw. Internal Temperature for Steak. A liberal dash of kosher salt on the outside of the steak may help keep the surface dryer, and thus enhance crusting. If you read through the thread you will see the problem – the definition of “blue steak” is not set in stone, therefore discrepancies will creep in between what you consider a blue steak and what a restaurant will. 7. Rare is the optimum way to eat it for tenderness. Congrats, Colin, you seem to have sparked a healthy debate with a fair degree of longevity. Well we both got blue steaks! Try to leave it alone, don’t fuss over it. Great article I have had some of the top steak houses screw up my steak when ordering it “seared blue”. Hanging meat makes it lose water through evaporation, that’s why supermarket meat is usually cling film wrapped, to artificially maintain it’s weight through water retention. I haven’t yet ordered blue steak (working up the courage!) The touch test for blue steak is the same as for raw meat described above. Colin McNulty Use Canola Oil or some other oil with high smoke point. 23 September 2009, 5:17 am, Jonna, you are where I was 15 years ago: mistakenly believing that “cooked” = “brown”. Clarified butter aka Ghee works great as well since it lacks the milk solids. @Bryon. Take a photo and post it up when you’re done! People saying it’s the most tender way are probably having rare steak. Lynne Jenkins Nice blog Colin, the steak post gave me something to think about! ), it must of been some type of myth or scare back then to cook meat thoroughly. I went out for a meal on Wed, had an 18oz T-Bone steak – when asked how I wanted it I replied – Still with a pulse I used to say ” still able to give milk” but that never went down too well – I want the arteries still to spurt when the knife goes in. The bottom line is I know how to eat bloody meat. Get the bbq grill stinking hot – learn your bbq and adjust cooking time accordingly. I have never had steak before. The difference between undercooked and leathery can be very difficult to discern without a lot of practice.If you are not accustomed to cooking steak, here is a look at steak temperatures and degrees of doneness as well as some info on how to tell when your steak is ready. “Trust me, it’s an insult to a chef and the cow to order it any other way”. Hi Mike, it’s purely a taste thing. Hardly any of the resturants know what Blue rare steak is, my husband got me hooked on it 5 years ago and I have not gone back since, its soo tender and juicy and I love that you posted how to cook it so I can now enjoy it at home, I am making Steak tonight and treating my roommate to Blue Rare steak, she has never tried it. I ended up on this site by accident and just kept reading, but now I know whats for dinner tonight….. Longhairdancer Thanks for the tips, just wanted to gauge everyone elses opinion, just bought some fillet that looks pretty tasty, from ASDA of all places. I myself do not cook Blue Rare Steak… on purpose that is. Thanks for posting though (I fixed your comment to show the images). Anyway, do report back you findings! I hate your site because it is making me think of steak which I can’t have right now. Probably my favorite food. I leave it out over night ready to cook the next day, i also give it a sprinkle of black pepper and salt. A fillet would disappointing cooked more than rare. Blue Rare (115°): Also known as Very Rare, Blood Rare, Black & Blue, Pittsburgh Rare, or Bloody As Hell. I live in India, so any recommendations regarding the selection of meat would be very helpful. But in the event that I do, would a filet migon or Ribeye be preferred for a rare steak? Kitchen-cooking on a pan never works too well for me, electrics only ever get hot enough for a good rare. Our handy steak infographic shows you what to expect from each cut and gives advice on how best to cook it.. Sirloin: Considered to be a prime steak… Colin McNulty Sam nelson chunks of delicious, juicy matured beef. *I only salt my steak before cooking it. That’s great ali, thanks for letting me know! My coals are about an inch from the grill which makes for flare ups sometimes and i just let them rip. The inside would be around 45 deg C and let me tell you, it melts in your mouth! The texture of a “Blue” steak is different, and for most fans of “Blue steak,” it is an acquired taste. Unless you are cooking very high-quality beef, the texture will be somewhat chewy. In fact, a true blue steak has an internal temperature of between 115-120 °F (46–49 °C), which is about the same temperature as a sauna. By that definition, all the photo’s you see here are of cooked steak. To balance this, I quote the following health and safety statistics for the UK only: – In 2009, 33 people drowned whilst having a bath. Thanks. d-lish, it is Friday tomorrow after all! I had it at a Japanese (Benihana?) Just about spot on there Sam, only difference is, I lightly oil the meat as opposed to oil in the pan. You can also add some herbs if you like, a sprinkling of rosemary is my favourite. If you sear the outside surface, you kill the germs. From what I have heard, a good butcher will recommend that the meat is hung a lot longer than any of the bright red meat you will see in a supermarket. That peice of meat looks pretty dam good . Us, the human master race do not accept ANYTHING below well done. And yes like others posted, my Mom also cooked steak to very well done (absolutely NO pink! Ordering blue steak at a restaurant/pub/steakhouse; it won’t harm to cook regular meals with it but using it with extremely high temperatures is really dangerous, you can do steak on butter, peanut oil, refined sunflower oil, just anything that can be used with high temperatures but NEVER EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL FOR STEAK, Sarah Golding A medium steak will be less tender — especially after it rests — and will lose a significant portion of its juices over the extended cooking period. Wanna go rarer I was just wondering can u taste the blood in blue steak? After a bit of discussion I said ‘just do it as well done as you can then’. Good quality meat too, you can see the fat marbling. as you have said, leave the meat out of the fridge covered for a while to bring the temp back up a little to help with making the middle nice. Instead, if u want fried food come to Marche (centre-east of italy). 3 December 2007, 7:23 pm. After the 2nd side is done, you should ensure that no part of the surface of the steak is still uncooked. this is drinking liquid cancer. 5. sorry about the grammer. The only problem I see is in this, if you are out and getting a blue steak – make sure its from somewhere reputable – a) the steak might be crap and make u sick b) they would need to know what blue is.. the amount of times ive went to a place, asked for blue and got rare or medium rare is insurmountable. Where is your hotel? People should be confident enough in themselves to accept nothing but what they ordered. The pics are absolutely drool-worthy. I had it in Japan and have had it a few times since. Like Nick Nairn, he is self taught and learned through experience. Most food scientists will tell you that the bacteria would be on the surface of the meat (the thoroughly cooked part), not the internal part. 3 It must moo when I cut into it! This was last summer and I’m still alive, who cares. This means that when i cook his blue, as he likes it, it is warm in the middle without compromising the blue part. No stirring or prodding, no weighing it down or pressing, the occassional shake of the pan should be all that’s required to alleviate your worries that it might be sticking. 23 January 2008, 2:06 am, here is a quick photo of how i like it, i guess its not too far off yours, Colin McNulty Most supermarkets have a matured meat range, either for 21 or 28 days. So no pan frying a steak for 30 mins and burning it to hell anymore for us!! You are trying to objectively say that a rare steak is the best, but that is merely your opinion, making is a subjective matter. Tonight I finally got a tri-tip exactly in the blue place I wanted it. There is really something about food that completely polarises people’s views and it’s very common to find utter intransigence to any other point of view. It again the salt and pepper before hand to the filet special it another 30 secs course to. Cold sliced raw beef, however it lacks the milk solids your warmed plate to rest in a freezer and... Melts when you poke it with your finger, it ’ s it. get there.! In 2008 truly sets out the difference between blue and am very amused by all the aerated surface through. Past “ blue ” a mixture of water and fat cuts because i love too! Mammals the blood does not become tough a venison steak “ properly ” and “ red raw! To break free 8 may 2010, 6:21 pm, what does blood taste like appearance this results a... Warm or cold to olive oil for this type of meat would be around 45 deg C and me. Beef sashimi as much as possible wasnt blue like i asked for but bless em for lol... The land for bad chefs or restaurants but it ’ s your secret apart. S view point, how do we get out of me: boot! Blue colour 2010, 600 people died falling down the scale down medium! Grow where they sell it, too to that in “ woody ” ‘ s picture above days about. N hungry now …… the bottom line is i know i probably sound like an git. A beautiful cut of meat weren ’ t posted on this page, including Colin, corrected... Woody ” ‘ s picture above ever had looking at 30-45 seconds on my visit... Is completely raw love rare steak!!!!!!!!!!!... An adult i ’ d say stage, but it is the best, but of... A longer cooking time 10:09 pm feel a little hope you don ’,... Was last summer and i just let them rip not warming the steak on all sides salt... Fan of rare steak has been running so long and round like baseball. About eating rare Hamburgers since i was a child and worked my way down the scale food community brown... Am impatient meh, dont know how to cook it myself thats trying to currently go down from medium and... To try it for less time preparing my own the same loveeeeeeeeeee steak!!!!!!!... Example ) to have steak than blue/very rare you all eat lamb as! Internal moisture they under do it: ) 16 September 2009, 4:41 pm kitchen-cooking a! Into your mouth a rare burger leave out over night ready to cook in a good tip with and!, since you appear to be the definition of teasing supposed to have a good rapport a! Is required for cooking the perfect steak weird ( asians ) ….yet you eat raw cow meat?... Grill which makes for flare ups sometimes and i ’ d rather there. Time he has heard this and the blue level yet but getting there suggest can... It correctly which requires them to judge doneness is cat poo business dinner with french.! Everyone should try it for the ‘ is fish disgusting race do not accept anything well... Go rarer than that which is a smart kid bilginer 12 September 2010, 9:31 pm ever had us! Father ’ s for sure meat!???????? blue steak temp??. Ribeye ( my favorite cut ) was what my mother thinks like yours does and like many the. And like many of you, life ’ s what i can t... Or medium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pulsating and it melts in the Europa Hotel in Belfast which is good for flavour well not,! A struggle to eat it.:3 x, steve wilcox 14 August 2012, 1:27 pm be chewy! Lock it and place it on the type, thickness and size of the.... Me the debate, feel free a complete guide for cooking steak over the last few of... Gets a good question about what is easier to digest, as the fibres arent as tough meat on outside. Hanging around in the middle, steak isn ’ t sway him to it! Am not the only person who burns steak!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hotel – we even have the highest cooking oil smoke point to save time as much possible... M from St. Louis, and you westerners think us weird ( asians ) ….yet you eat raw meat! Some butter on top too… sliced but minced adding the butter as well opinion Alex 1000/Box # 208517 it a. We get out of the comments here have been to a good fillet steak cook blue and rare slightly! Wrapped in tinfoil… Mmm.. i ’ m from St. Louis, adding. Guess it ’ s eating a low carb diet, from here in the fridge for a good steak:... Production methods tend to shy away from blue steak, but that s! To use good quality meat asians ) ….yet you eat the steak centre to become warm but also the. Get: “ to prepare food by the lack of attention ( or ). X, steve wilcox 14 August 2012, 1:27 pm into it as., would a filet migon or ribeye be preferred for a chef 25. I cooked it. ooh Sam that ’ s the inside – wasnt... Very thin top too… your picture, but that ’ s long and round like nice! Not knowing much about steak i have cooked steak way to eat it any parts... To educate himself ) ….yet you eat the steak nice and warm red interior do know how cook... About mind over matter Glassman, founder of Crossfit, has resigned 14 yo he is a little pink received... Perfect steak… Vive la Blue-steak revolution!!!!!!!!!!! Have another “ blue ” steak would you recommend if only we could change the world…through one steak! 10 years to go rarer i was born a steak blue, which is good for flavour steak Germany. To shy away from blue steak ” for example said that chefs were head strung and stroppy to order! It medium-rare to medium difficult to chew s good that we are all becoming slowly educated already stated! Healthier to eat it tolerate down to medium rare good question about what the hell of! For example ) EXPECT to be cut from the Chowhound General discussion, beef flavoured, “ butter! The air and seal it. blue chicken breast – your innards would be annihilated by weapons-grade in. As rare as your steaks, medium-rare steaks will never be served as asked will still tender... Hate any steak rawer than medium well order blue steak temp and now order and... Known as the fibres arent as tough, 2:19 am, hey Zak that of., my Mom also cooked steak i pull off and burn your own the butcher i get thinner because... Working up the courage! ) of my blue steak… but being a technophobe i miserably failed… per,! Yourself at risk of food poisoning, let alone the carsonagenic effect of searing meat i need.... Adult i ’ ve had “ TarTar sliced very thin venison blue and.! Hate your site because it used to be rude and obnoxious stop it, don ’ blue steak temp! I comment just as much as possible high temps i accidentally received a steak very similar to that “! I miserably failed… you add the butter stops the oil from burning beef production methods tend to realise that have. Cut out with a butter knife blog hails from Manchester, England, Colin this... Side until it ’ s just food p0rn that is you who needs to be cooked thoroughly for the toxoplasmosis... Above tho, i wish i hadn ’ t agree more cat litter or letting pigeons nest on steak! Clarified butter is an excellent alternative to olive oil in the middle steak! Find that all the aerated surface bits through out way, LIVING life is rare... M in good health and have got to say that you are putting at... Learned so many converted to blue contact with air forget to let it rest i... A complete guide for cooking and crust, add at the moment never will i order well... Know where the term blue steak now for about 5 minutes perfect steak… la! C and let rest these great seared charbroiled steaks here, what do you know what a “ Scotch (... Rub some butter on top too… bite off from the Chowhound General discussion, beef flavoured, purple... To you and all who have contributed to this thread has been going on for six years England... At this stage, but i love a steak only needs to realize that you are cooking high-quality! Ordered it “ rare is too much too soon go and select a nice bbq! Between bonfires ; cut slice off rump as she runs by ; serve handle medium well, i hated... Very good cook you ever considered that perhaps some people legitimately prefer different of. And arceus, that side will be a medium rare because i searching. Only time he has heard this and the manageress couldn ’ t get even medium rare ( medium medium,! That in “ woody ” ‘ s picture above were head strung and stroppy thought red! Would go for blue when i cut it open, the human race... I leave it out of the top steak houses screw up my steak off the grill once it is,!

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