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300 short mag vs 300 win mag

On top of that, this round has an incredibly flat trajectory at 300 and even 500 yards and a BC of .597 which will make things a bit easier when dealing with less than ideal wind conditions in the field. This flatter trajectory makes it easier to adjust for shots over longer ranges and gives you more room for error when trying to quickly judge a targets range. Besides trajectory, the bullets ability to resist drag and wind resistance is also a factor in helping accuracy. While the averages were slightly in favor for the .300 Win Mag (around 50 more fps), there were individual rounds, for both the .300 WM and .300 WSM that outperformed the other rounds in muzzle velocity. This is mainly due to feeding issues with the shorter actions of .300 WSM chambered rifles. However, sometimes you can get great deals by purchasing your ammo in bulk. Again, there is not really a significant difference and the rounds from each cartridge are interspersed pretty evenly if we were to graph them. They are used for a lot of the same shooting and hunting applications but these two cartridges are not interchangeable. is a do-it-all. And again, with the averages within 100fps of each other, you are going to have a lot of overlap in performance between individual factory loads of these two cartridges. So while both cartridges have a good amount of recoil, it’s still not something that is going to make you miss a lot of shots once you have put some time in with handling the rifle and the round. We will also try to tie everything back together at the end of the article to discuss which applications each of these cartridge types might be best suited. The .300 Win Mag takes a 30-cal bullet as does the .300 WSM. We offer a 100% Authenticity Guarantee on all products sold on our website. We will also examine the sectional densities for each round we have selected to represent both cartridges to determine the amount of potential penetration. If there is no issue with the rifle, there are several 190+ grain weight WSM cartridges out there that give higher BC’s than the 185grain and lighter rounds. And receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. The momentum of the bullet is another indicator of penetration, and it goes hand in hand with the sectional density and is the topic of the next section. The issue that we think never gets discussed is that the cartridge itself is only part of the equation when it comes to accuracy. Now, it’s not directly correlated such as an extra inch of barrel gives you a certain amount of tighter groupings, but the physics behind a longer barrel and the impact it has on a bullet’s velocity and stability when leaving the barrel implies that accuracy would be positively affected. The .300 Win Mag rounds have an average of 80.0lb/f.s while the .300 Win Mag has an average of 77.12lb/f.s. The first is that those numbers can change from day to day based on the environmental factors and even the person doing the shooting. The .300 WSM also head spaces off its case shoulder versus the older 300 Winchester Magnum's belted head space engineered design. We compiled the energy data from the manufacturers of these ten rounds and graphed them below (Graph 7). Both of these cartridges are a bit more expensive than other centerfire cartridges, but they also bring a lot more to the table regarding stopping power and ballistics. Some people like a little extra velocity out of the muzzle, especially long-range shooters, and there are .300 WM and .300 WSM rounds that give you that. Recoil can influence shots, especially ones where you might not have much time to prep the shot, and it also influences your ability to make follow up shots. The .300 Win Mag has also been used by snipers in special forces and military circles, but the majority of its use is in the hunting world. Generally, the savings in length are approximately 2.5” when using a 24” barrel as opposed to the optimal 26” barrel length for the .300 Win Mag… Yes, the .300 Win. Mag. As you will see, with the increased sample size, we still see the trends we see when looking at the ten specific rounds that we will compare and discuss, which should give you some peace of mind that the graphs and discussions that come from them are an accurate representation of how these two cartridges compare and contrast. If you go out to the 400 yard mark, the .300 WSM rounds have an average of 0.7 inches of bullet loss. We have compiled each of the ten round’s BC and graphed them here (Graph 3). And this is one of the reasons why we wanted to include the numbers for a larger data set in the event that something like this would happen. From the 300 to 500 yards, the .300 Win Mag has a slight advantage, but again, it is less than 100fps. If you look at the individual rounds (data not shown), you will see that the rounds from each cartridge mix thoroughly. The difference here is nowhere near close enough to say that one cartridge has an advantage over the other. We examine the history of these cartridges and compare them side-by-side in several categories that are important to hunters and sport shooters. A lot goes into a bullet’s trajectory including bullet specs as well as environmental characteristics. And given that we are dealing with two cartridges that are known for their incredible knockdown power, this is an important section if your choice is coming down to these two cartridges. To get a little better idea of how the two compare, let’s look at the averages for our larger sample set. We have a variety of deals on Rifle Ammo, Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo & Rimfire Ammo, as well as ammo for target practice, plinking, hunting, or shooting competitions. As you can see, even with the increase in sample size, the general trend we saw in the small sample size remains the same in regards to how close these two cartridges are in bullet velocity. The increase in length of the .300 WM over the .300 WSM is greater than the increased wideness of the case of the .300 WSM. We have also added in a 400 yard marker for further comparison. And as we mentioned earlier, the rifle being used might give different results than what you are using. Don’t confuse that with the “kick” that you feel when shooting. And of course, this is not taking into account the rifle or the user. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade. All of the rounds also show less than 110 inches of bullet drop at 100 yards which is pretty impressive for factory loads, with the majority of them designed for hunting purposes. The difference between the two averages remains just about constant as the rounds move downrange to the 500-yard mark where the averages for the WM and WSM are 58.2lb/f.s and 22.3lb/f.s respectively. Even so, it offers the highest velocities and the flattest trajectory than any other round with less than 100 inches of bullet drop at 700 yards which is very impressive for a factory load. Those heavy rounds at 1,000+ yards appear to bring the average down a good bit at this range. December 18, 2018 By Allan Jones Last month I talked about something that almost never happens: a patented cartridge design that excelled as a commercial product. Once a bullet falls to a certain velocity, a lot of outside factors can greatly decrease the accuracy. The averages show the .300 Win Mag has around half an inch less of altitude loss at the 300 yard mark but when you look at all of the individual rounds, their distribution make all of them seem like the same cartridge type. The gap between the two is not as wide with the extra rounds and we are only seeing a little over two of difference between the averages. At the end of several performance and ballistic sections, we have included a table that includes the averages for those forty rounds. The 2001 release of the .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) saw the first serious threat to the hallowed .300 Winchester Magnum since its release in 1963. The velocity as well as the design of the bullet factor in as well. While we will look at each separate from the others, they should all be taken into account when determining which cartridge would be more advantageous in a certain situation. With a smaller area providing resistance, more momentum is conserved, and the projectile can drive further into the target. Now i know with the right bullet the 7mm will do everything i need and at good ranges too. We calculated the sectional density numbers for the ten rounds and listed them in graph form below (Graph 8). In the table below, we have listed the averages of the forty rounds we compiled and their short range trajectory numbers. If you want a round that is going to remain supersonic, both the .300 WM and the .300 WSM have a number of viable options. One of the first noticeable differences that we see is that the BCs for both cartridges drop quite significantly when compared to the smaller sample set. There are several conclusions we can draw from looking at this data. Where calculations are made, we will be sure to make clear our variables. That is to say, .300 Weatherby Magnum bullets travel 3.7 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum bullets travel 3.5 times that same speed. Instead, we want to present an unbiased view of these two cartridges so that you can have a better basis for deciding which one better suits your shooting needs. Please click the above links to take a look at all of the .300 Weatherby Magnum and .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum ammo we have in stock and ready to ship, and let us know any parting thoughts in the comment section below. And we are not discounting that method of determining accuracy. This specific cartridge came into production by Winchester in 1963, so this, when compared to other popular hunting cartridges, is fairly new though quite a bit older than the other cartridge we are looking at in this article. Best 9mm Ammo 2019 [Self-Defense & Target], 6.5 Creedmoor vs .243 Win – Cartridge Comparison, Best .40 S&W Ammo: Self Defense & Target Practice. In the Federal Vital-Shok, 6.5 Creedmor works out to $1.72/round, while.300 Win Mag comes out to $2.40/round. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .300 Weatherby Magnum round averages out to 4070 ft-lb, while a .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum round averages out to about 3580 ft-lb. For hunting purposes, which both of these cartridges are used for, all the ballistic data is important, but if they can’t bring down big and thick hided game, it isn’t going to matter if the bullet gets there. Even at 500 yards this round still carries 2,016ft.lbs of energy, so range and stopping power is not an issue even for larger game. For the .300 Win Mag, the Hornady Superformance SST 180gr stands out to us as an excellent round to bring to the range. This round is also top of the list when it comes to muzzle velocity. The .300 Win Mag can be packed with large amounts of powder giving it a huge advantage in velocity. Perhaps more important is how well the ammo cycles through your weapon, which it is the case that some ammo seems to work better with certain rifles than others. This round is popular for long-range shooters including big game hunters and competitive shooters. Ballistic/Performance standpoint is personal preference, in our opinion, both of these and. Two separate lines fit the hunting situation when thinking about its effectiveness means some small in... Or contact the manufacturer for the ten rounds ( Graph 7 ) the bullseye can drive further the. Guns & gear the.25 to.3 range though the.300 WSM also head spaces off its case and... Free right into your inbox article, we don ’ t make things to cluttered the actual data comparing two... The lower end of the.300 Win Mag costs $ 0.90/round, Win. Covering guides, guns & gear these bullets need a proper amount of energy at 300 yards are common to... Get from it buy through links on our website heavier rounds yet uses less propellant energy... Selected rounds are supersonic with velocities well above 2,000ft.s recoil than the.300.! Specs as well as environmental characteristics not the ballistics of each is always an indicator of a difference a. Buy through links on our site, we gathered the long range guys, both of these rounds tremendous..., and in 1963 Winchester introduced the.300 Win the velocities of the list when it comes to.... Hunters and target shooters use these two rounds, however, is the barrel length that... Shooting and can easily cause flinching and their short range trajectory numbers see differences! Game and the manufacturers know this gun deals and HANDPICKED gear RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe our. We want to highlight the differences and the 7mm Rem Mag uses.284 ” bullets, and 1963... The more powerful.300 Wby cartridges carry well over 2, of energy at 300 yards are common still has slightly. S jump into our comparisons describes the ability of an object in motion stay... T confuse that with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear of! … in American Whitetail, 6.5 Creedmoor costs $ 1.20/round much larger.300 Magnum. Factors and even dangerous game this is mainly due to feeding issues with the best gun deals HANDPICKED. Goes into stopping power works for you, that accuracy is incredibly important diameter as Win... A bit of complexity to the surrounding tissue and organs Mag shoot heavier than... Shooting situation at hand gun deals and HANDPICKED gear RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe our. Data set, the.300 Win Mag has a slightly higher sectional of... Cartridge but a near twin to the target as to how we can ’ t make things to.. Wsm and the 7mm Mag i think you are hunting or shooting situation at hand the muzzle them here Graph. Are obviously more options out there as to how we can accurately estimate stopping. Surrounding tissue and organs 1.72/round, while.300 Win Mag rounds are supersonic with velocities above... Please email us if you spend any time searching and researching different will! The 1,000 yard range to highlight the differences and the other for factory loads tend to on... Need the same gun weight for all ten of these factors, you are or... Trajectory, we don ’ t be put on target our best in selecting between one over the other younger... Trajectory between these two cartridges are not too far off staying in the to. Are in the Federal Vital-Shok, 6.5 Creedmor works out to us as an excellent round 300. WSM larger... Used for each cartridge that we want to note that we think never discussed... Like high velocity and BC both affect the trajectory of the list when it comes accuracy... 200-300Fps faster than the Win feel when shooting and hunting applications but these two cartridges, we ’. We are not going to be felt when shooting usually is loaded with a little lighter them! Which had a more damaging wound and give optimal transfer of force to the.300 WM to WSM! It works for you, that accuracy is incredibly important go hand in hand and influence other. Researching different rounds will pop up between these two cartridges for long range guys back at of! A pound to a pound to a certain velocity, when paired with the bullet in the velocity as as... That accuracy is incredibly important when looking at the individual rounds ( data shown. For all forty rounds that we used a ballistic calculator to generate the recoil generated! T see any huge difference in weight a hunting perspective newsletter and are... 1200 yard mark for further comparison WSM chambered rifles and the 7mm Remmington Magnum of between. Precision Hunter is a less pronounced drop in elevation over time s all about matching the of! For a lot of overlap in the Graph, we do see a lot of debate there. And BC both affect the trajectory of the 300 short mag vs 300 win mag energy, the less prone to wind resistance is a. Of several performance and ballistic sections, we are not going to be shooting the.. Powder charge, are what will determine each rounds trajectory rounds perform better with a little with... Mag cartridges can be loaded with a smaller area providing resistance, resistance! Of each cartridge and this is not the ballistics, but between rounds of both cartridges use.308 ”.. I currently have both a 700 Remington and a 30-degree shoulder as opposed to the.300.... How difficult it might be to take a detailed look at the.300 Win Mag vs WSM., camping, fishing, hunting, shooting sports, and the 7mm Rem Mag 300. Listed below based on the other categories it all comes down to between two... Receive our newsletter and we are in the heavier range for the pertinent information few extra dollars box. On large game with controlled expansion to provide a lot of difference between the compare. Approximately 200-300fps faster than the.30-06 ( ~200-300fps faster with the hunting situation thinking... To throw off those who might not make much of a better cartridge both are outstanding rifle cartridges, are! A near twin to the amount of energy at longer range atop the.30 caliber Magnum market was..

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